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Our Ministers

Reverend Meredith Gray is our Minister of Record. She is a licensed minister of 24 years' and ordained 18. In 1991 she took over the Golden Avenue Church of Religious Science in San Bernardino and was Senior Pastor for over eight years.

Rev. Meredith discovered the Glendale Church in the 1980's listening to Dr. Richelieu and Dr. Hornaday on the radio. Going through a divorce, she says this teaching literally saved her life. She was drawn to take classes because Science of Mind resonated with her soul. At the Glendale Church she served as Wedding Coordinator, Seminar Director, was on the Board of Trustees, and served as Staff Minister under Rev. Helen Street.

Rev. Meredith's mission is to teach principle and help others discover their truth. She teaches many different classes including prosperity, relationship, Science of Mind accredited classes ... you name it, she's taught it. She also loves to perform weddings, christenings, home blessings, and counseling. 

Rev. Meredith has been with the Glendale Church since Rev. Marilyn Jensen-Johnson took over the original charter eleven years ago and shares her spirit and energy as the President of the Board of Trustees to help grow this Spiritual Center.

Reverend Paul Braden is our Staff Minister. As a Science of Mind Minister, he knows there is only ONE power in the Universe; it is greater than he is and he uses it for the benefit of all.

Rev. Paul’s fundamental philosophy is the Empowerment of the Individual, he believes in ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY as a WAY of life, not its PURSUIT.  He has studied many philosophies, feeling a very strong alliance with the Native American and their love of the land and One Great Spirit. His affinity with nature and love of the outdoors attracted him to become a member of the “Shadow-land Foundation," working with and for the preservation of the wolves in the wild.

As a working actor, Rev. Paul achieved an ability to focus and embody the success so vital to the abundant lifestyle that is our birth right.  As a coach to Vietnam Veterans his empathic skills were well honed, as demonstrated by the success he enjoyed in that arena. He is a life and career coach with 35 years' experience. Through his own life experiences and Science of Mind Principles, he shares how to direct and focus the creative power of thought. He knows and understands the need, in these rapidly changing times, for each person to feel the confidence and healthy self image vital to our inner being. 

Educated at Western Michigan University, Paul holds degrees in communications, theater and music, has been a Science of Mind practitioner for eleven years and a Science of Mind Minister for eight.  He enjoys expressing to his friends his joy in having found a philosophy that is so in keeping with what he has spent his life doing.

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