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Annual Meeting 2016
Happy Valentine's Day
 Dear Members and Friends of CSLG:


            First, your Board of Trustees wants every one of you to know how very much you are loved and appreciated.  Because of you, our Church/Center is active, growing, and full of life and energy; and primarily, it is a loving and welcoming Center for everyone to come once or to stay indefinitely.


            We are still having our rotation of guest Speakers that has worked out quite well for us.  We have not had to pay a minister so our savings account has grown somewhat and we have not had to use any of those monies for expenses.  We would like to know also, if the rotation of ministers is something you would like to continue.  All of you have input as to what transpires at our Church/Center.


            We had classes in 2015, the Magic of the Mind Class, Visioning Class, and looking forward to many more classes in the future.  We also had a summer picnic in the Glen of FCC, and a fabulous Christmas concert and celebration that everyone raved about.


            Unlike most churches, we have social hour every Sunday after the Sunday Celebration.  This is a wonderful time to get to know one another and to share your favorite culinary dishes if you like.  This church enjoys feasting and you are always invited, not expected, to bring anything you would like to share.


            We send out Constant Contact e-blasts weekly to everyone who has an e-mail address on our mailing list.  We have temporarily eliminated sending out a newsletter and the Constant Contact e-blast is working well since it has all of the information the newsletter would have and is saving the postage and printing costs.  It will also list upcoming events, birthdays, future speakers and who is doing the music for the week.


            CSLG has a website that was set up and is monitored by Colleen.  Do visit it regularly; it has many updates and other good information about our Center, guest speaker for the week as well as upcoming events of interest to all so be sure to check it out.


            We ask if our Church/Center continues to meet your spiritual needs and if it does, please fill out the Membership Form attached so we can keep out records updated. You may have filled one out already but we ask again so our records will be up to date.  Membership, feeling that one belongs, is an important part of any spiritual group and that gives the sense of ownership "I am responsible to do my part, to make sure this Center/Church thrives and succeeds."  


            We no longer have a membership fee, but many do continue writing a check as part of their membership.  We are also open to positive, constructive ideas, keeping in mind, if you have the suggestion you are part of implementing that suggestion.


            We have many opportunities for volunteering at our Church/Center.  Some of them are: coming early to set up the guest table, making coffee for the early arrivers, straightening up chairs before the service, watering our 'live' plants, helping Barbara set up the screen and projector, put our sign outside to attract visitors, assembling together guest packets, putting everything away after the service and if you see something needs doing, do it. This is our spiritual home and it takes all of us working together with input, physical and mental from each one of us.  We pay for a janitorial service, such as it is, but we have no one who walks behind us to pick up.  


WISH LIST:   Partial list of what we as a Board of Trustees would like; as you can see, this list has not changed much since last year.


1.  More activities to draw in the community at large

2.  Attract young families with children who will carry on our teaching/philosophy

3.  More classes, accredited and others

4.  More "fun" activities and social events to attract neighbors and community

6.  Activities during the week to help keep the 'energy' moving

7.  Community outreach

8.  Game night

9.  Men's group

10. Women's group

11. In other words, let us let our light shine.

12. New equipment to record talks

13. If you would like to add on something to volunteer for, please speak up.



Blessings to one and all,

Rev. Meredith Gray                                                                                                 

President - Board of Trustees

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